Close neighbors and friends, John and Teunsha were riding around looking for brunch on a Sunday and were sad they couldn't find anything in their neighborhood. They saw Liberty Shoppes and thought it would be a great location for a restaurant. Tee called the leasing office, and the agents were in the area so let them in.

As they drove away, Tee said " Let's call it JT's!" They high-fived and the rest is history!

Teunsha "Tee" Vick​  - Owner

Tee  was born in Newport News, Virginia but spent ten years of her childhood in the lower 9th ward of New Orleans, LA. She has dedicated her entire life to the service of others including 12 years creating affordable home-ownership opportunities for first-time home-buyers. 

"I wanted to start this restaurant because people are here from all over world, away from their families and the least I can do is offer them a warm meal among friends".

John Eley III, Co-Owner


John is a lifelong Newport News resident that is dedicated to the growth and progression of this city. 

John is a current member of the Newport News School Board and an active member of the community.