"Where Friends & Food Come Together"


Brunch Hours
Saturday & Sunday

JT’s Bar & Grill is always hiring, so feel free to fill out an application. Click the Application button for details.  


Chicken & Waffles - $11

3 fried chicken wings with warm waffle 

JT Waffle Sandwich - $11 (Pair with our Liquid BC) 

Warm waffles with fried egg, bacon and cheese serviced with your choice of hash browns or grits  

Shrimp & Grits - $13 

Seasoned shrimp and andouille sausage with buttery grits topped  with shredded cheese

Steak & Eggs - $13 
(Man-Mosa anyone?) 

6 oz. charbroiled sirloin served with two eggs cooked the way you like 

The Sunday Sensation - $12  (Ask your “Friend” about our Breakfast Shot)

French toast, 2  eggs, potato hash, sausage or bacon 

Fish, Grits & Eggs - $12 

Two fried whiting pieces, buttery  grits and two eggs any style  

Kid’s Breakfast - $5 

A buttery, warm waffle with one piece of sausage or bacon 


Mimosa - $3  

Strawberry, mango, peach, classic  OJ available (Spike with vodka,  tequila or rum for just $3) 


But First…Coffee - $8 

Coffee liquor, Bailey’s Irish Cream,  amaretto and creamer served over ice 

Breakfast Shot - $5 

The Liquid BC - $8 

Tomato juice and vodka blended  with spices garnished with celery  and bacon 

Champagne Crush - $7

Brut champagne, vodka, OJ and your choice of strawberry, mango  or peach puree

Breakfast Enhancers 

Sausage - $4

Bacon - $4  
Turkey Bacon - $4

Two Eggs - $3  

Grits - $2

Potato Hash - $2  

White Toast - $2

Waffle - $5